no boundaries

Convergence of the global payment channels, cross-country territorial boundaries, the integration of more than 300 payment methods to achieve full coverage across the world's 200 countries, allowing cross-border businesses and discrete payments to be converged at the cloud and terminal.

Global payments


no difference

The financial science and technology innovation payment product, through the unified payment of the SDK package terminal, the channel, the currency and the language difference, the merchant and the developer output a strong unified payment solution ability.

Payment tools


no break point

Provides a smooth, continuous and complete payment solution across the scene, providing an end-to-end, three-in-one, full-process payment experience based on the pc-end, mobile and O2O scenarios.




Describe the transaction data and transaction behavior as a framework, logical image and intelligent modeling of the miscellaneous data, without the need to make use of intelligent data to directly decrypt the customer's behavior.

Smart Data



The specialized payment access code is encapsulated into a friendly visual configuration interface. From then on, payment access will leave a lengthy and complex development and debugging process, with only 3 lines of code configured for globalization payments.

sample quietly


no compromise

Using distributed cloud computing, multi-point backup, global CDN acceleration, real-time anti-fraud, and PCI-DSS standards establish a secure system without compromise, providing full-cycle security for each transaction.